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Reader’s Forum — 12-19-12

Stop publishing photos of dead deer
I have been a reader of Times-News for 50 years, even when I accompanied my husband on many of his military tours overseas.
After his death, I joined the Foreign Service for another 20 years overseas. I received the Times-News no matter where I was.  Now I am at a retirement community in Cary and still receive your paper.
Finally, something has upset me to the point that I have to express my complaint.
The last two issues have printed photos of young teens proudly holding up the heads of deer that still look very much alive. We know better though, don’t we?
Will you please consider stopping publication of photos of this nature?
If these people needed the meat, the story might be different; let them keep it to themselves.
The picture makes me sick to my stomach to see the body lying on the ground looking alive with his eyes open — knowing that it was killed for sport.
Please consider this. Thank you.

Suzanne Chapman,

Editor’s Note: The Lincoln Times-News would be interested in hearing from more of our readers on this issue. Many newspapers that formerly published similar photos no longer do so. But what would our readers like to see? Please share your thoughts with us.

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