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School board committees to meet tonight


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After leadership and member changes recently, the Lincoln County Board of Education Policy Committee will work together tonight to solve an issue that was addressed during the School Board’s meeting last week — the future schedule of the board heading into the new year, and how to avoid schedule conflicts with community members.

An area resident spoke before the board this month about the schedule conflicts of meeting on Wednesdays, especially for patrons who have church or other activities on that night.

Not taking the issue lightly, board Chair Candy Burgin and the rest of the board discussed options that might work better for members and citizens wanting to attend scheduled meetings.

Tuesday seemed a suitable choice that coincided well with the members’ other duties outside of the education system, but stand-in attorney to the board Dean Shatley advised that the School Board revisit the policy and to possibly rephrase it as it stands, to be open and up to the members’ discretion each month for when they want to meet.

If they were to settle on a day, and then decided to change it later, the Policy Committee would have to meet again and make the changes, which may not be the most practical solution for the officials, Shatley advised.

Committee Chair Clayton Mullis and the rest of the group will examine the document this week to decide what their proposal will look like, that they will later present to the full board in January.

Next month, the Board of Education and its committees will meet on Tuesdays. The School Board will meet on Jan. 8, and will be followed by any committees wishing to meet, on Jan. 15.

Also tossed around at the new board’s first meeting, was the location of the once-a-month get together, per a conversation between Ed Hatley and new member Tony Jenkins. The group agreed that it’s worth discussing where they will meet.

Other items to be discussed tonight:

The distribution of non-school materials, on or near school grounds, will be hashed out again, following accusations that arose during the recent election of education officials. Previous attorney who has since resigned, David Black, told the committee at its November meeting that he would look into finding out more about the technicalities of the policy, and the group vowed to revisit it at a later date in hopes of clearing the air and making the policy easily translatable — leaving no gray areas.

An ongoing personnel issue that was the focus of the School Board’s closed session meeting last week, will be further discussed, though no specifics have been officially released, yet.

Tonight’s committee meetings will kick off at 6 p.m., starting with Policy, followed by Budget and Finance and the special-called School Board meeting.

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