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Reader’s Forum — 12-17-12

One bad apple doesn’t taint entire DSS agency

While I agree with the recent Lincoln Times-News editorial about the impropriety of anyone in a supervisory position having a personal relationship with a subordinate, I am disturbed by your negative overall portrayal of the Lincoln County Department of Social Services.
One bad apple does not make a whole barrel (or agency) rotten.
I have volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem child advocate for five years.
In that time, I have worked with many DSS social workers, who work tirelessly to protect children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect.
They find foster homes for them, ensure they get physical and emotional needs met, and work with the parents to try to reunify the families, if possible.
Their strength, compassion and dedication is to be admired.
I was in Law Enforcement for 25 years, but would not want to have the job of a Social Worker. They see very sad situations every day, but still try to help.
Policies about fraternization exist, and are needed, but there will always be people in companies and public agencies who are going to violate them.
That doesn’t necessarily mean the entire agency needs “shaking up.”

Deborah Beck,
Iron Station

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