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Results — 12/14/12

Boys Basketball
East Lincoln (4-1) beat Newton-Conover 57-50 in overtime on Wednesday.
The Mustangs outscored Newton-Conover 12-5 in the first overtime period to take the win.
Junior Domonique Smith led East Lincoln with a career-high 21 points. Charlie Hills added 14 points and Tyler Brock scored 10 points.

Lincolnton (1-3) fell to Forestview 61-50 on Wednesday.
Alonzo Mobley led the Wolves with 30 points.

West Lincoln (2-3) fell to Patton 73-52 on Wednesday.
Dylan Frady scored 10 points to lead the Rebels. Danny Miller added nine points.

The West Lincoln junior varsity team fell to Patton 65-51 on Wednesday.
Caleb Adams scored 12 points and had 12 rebounds. Alex Campbell added 10 points.

Girls Basketball
Lincolnton fell to Forestview 43-35 on Wednesday.

West Lincoln (1-4) fell to Patton 53-39 on Wednesday.
Rylee Marsh led the Lady Rebels with 15 points and 12 rebounds. Brittany Ormand and Rebecca Owens added seven points each. Taylor Sutton had six steals and six points.

North Lincoln beat Bunker Hill 55-43 on Tuesday.
Payton Bruce scored a team-high 17 points and had a team-high nine rebounds and went 4-5 on free throws. Antaijah Easter added 13 points, seven rebounds, three blocks and five steals.

Lincolnton’s junior varsity team beat Forestview 39-38 on Wednesday.
Kaniyia Brown made a last-second basket at the fourth-quarter buzzer off an assist from Amber Alber to take the win. Mikayla McDowell led the Wolves with nine points. Brown, Courtney Campbell and Miracle Delacy-James each added eight points.

Wednesday: Patton (PATT) 42.0 West Lincoln (WELI) 30.0
106: Jake Clary, WELI, pinned Joseph Waters, PATT, 1:51.
113: Cody Patton, PATT, maj. dec. Dale Morris, WELI, 12-4.
120: Jeremy Guinn, PATT, pinned Nate Mault, WELI, 3:25.
126: Dillon Morris, WELI, pinned Gerald Basnett, PATT, 1:24.
132: Santiago Morris, PATT, maj. dec. Austin Thomas, WELI, 12-2.
138: Clay Alguire, WELI, pinned Hunter Reid, PATT, 2:56.
145: Marcus Whitener, PATT, pinned Billy Goble, WELI, 3:55.
152: Dustin Headrick, WELI, dec. Keion Ervin, PATT, 6-4.
160: Thomas Singley, PATT, pinned Michael McSwain, WELI, 3:14.
170: Austin Stewart, PATT, pinned Lucas Paredez, WELI, 5:29.
182: Dalton Scronce, WELI, pinned Chad Spurlin, PATT, 3:26.
195: Chance Carswell, PATT, maj. dec. Jordan Gantt, WELI, 8-0.
220: Mack George, WELI, dec. Chandler Laws, PATT, 12-6.
285: Calvin Brown, PATT, pinned Tyler Clinton, WELI, 4:32.

Wednesday: Mitchell (MITC) 43.0 West Lincoln (WELI) 28.0
106: Dale Morris, WELI, forf.
113: Kyler Hoilman, MITC, pinned Mitchell Higdon, WELI, 1:12.
120: Christian Lowery, MITC, pinned Nate Mault, WELI, 1:17.
126: Levi Richardson, MITC, dec. Dillon Morris, WELI, 9-3.
132: Solomon Duncan, MITC, pinned Colten Gantt, WELI, 3:18.
138: Clay Alguire, WELI, dec. Dalton Beaver, MITC, 10-3.
145: Billy Goble, WELI, pinned Davis McKinney, MITC, 2:33.
152: Daniel Bomar, MITC, pinned Bret Pitman, WELI, 4:32.
160: Dustin Headrick, WELI, maj. dec. Keagan Hoilman, MITC, 10-2.
170: Will Atkins, MITC, pinned Michael McSwain, WELI, 3:46.
182: Jordan Gantt, WELI, forf.
195: Mack George, WELI, dec. Dillon Ledford, MITC, 10-3.
220: Tanner Buchanan, MITC, maj. dec. Tyler Clinton, WELI, 8-0.
285: Thomas Parker, MITC, pinned Bronson Pendleton, WELI, 0:58.

Tuesday: East Lincoln (EALI) 44.0 North Mecklenburg (NOME) 33.0
106: Jakob Bogojevich, NOME, forf.
113: Andrew McCleod, EALI, forf.
120: Aaron Dodson, NOME, pinned Kasen Alley, EALI.
126: James Daniel, EALI, pinned Zane Dunlap, NOME.
132: Cody Stough, EALI, forf.
138: Jalen Hill, NOME, pinned Derek Archer, EALI.
145: Edgardo Santiago, NOME, pinned Kelly Hines, EALI.
152: Billy McNair, NOME, maj. dec. Carlos Garcia, EALI, 15-2.
160: Marquel Thompson, NOME, tech. fall Michael Orgeron, EALI, 15-0.
170: Elisha Combs, EALI, forf.
182: Max McClure, EALI, tech. fall Grayson Godwin, NOME, 18-0.
195: Trenton Henderson, EALI, dec. Desmond Logan, NOME, 7-0.
220: Juan Vargas, EALI, pinned Preston Ellison, NOME.
285: Travis Bowman, EALI, pinned Jentre Weeks, NOME.

Tuesday: Forestview (FORE) 47.0 East Lincoln (EALI) 24.0
106: Karol Rodriguez, FORE, forf.
113: Andrew McCleod, EALI, forf.
120: Kasen Alley, EALI, pinned Jorge Oquendo, FORE.
126: James Daniel, EALI, dec. Conrad Pogorzelski, FORE, 3-2.
132: Chris Bess, FORE, pinned Cody Stough, EALI.
138: Derek Archer, EALI, forf.
145: Dreshawn McFadden, FORE, tech. fall Kelly Hines, EALI, 18-3.
152: Nicholas Romero, FORE, pinned Carlos Garcia, EALI.
160: Collin Munson, FORE, pinned Michael Orgeron, EALI.
170: Jason King, FORE, pinned Elisha Combs, EALI.
182: Kris Boroughs, FORE, dec. Max McClure, EALI, 4-2.
195: Trenton Henderson, EALI, dec. Garrett Oaks, FORE, 6-1.
220: Tanner Baldacci, FORE, dec. OT Juan Vargas, EALI, 5-3.
285: Tate Payne, FORE, pinned Travis Bowman, EALI.

Tuesday: Southlake Christian Academy (SCA) 45.0 Lincolnton (LINC) 30.0
106: Quinton Weinrank, LINC, forf. .
113: Adam Edwards, SCA, pinned JJ Lomboy, LINC, 1:44.
120: Josh Hart, SCA, pinned Mark Collins, LINC, 2:57.
126: Chris Green, SCA, pinned TJ Queen, LINC, 2:12.
132: Mathew Allen, SCA, pinned Austin Marlow, LINC, 5:31.
138: Caleb Dills, LINC, pinned Jacob Griggs, SCA, 1:27.
145: Tanner Cantrell, LINC, pinned Hamilton Hewitt, SCA, 1:35.
152: Chad Smith, LINC, pinned Roman Rubrecht, SCA, 1:45.
160: Sam Bryant, SCA, tech. fall Tyler Albright, LINC, 0:00 18-3.
170: DJ Wilson, SCA, dec. Matthew Cabe, LINC, 5-1.
182: Gant Allen, SCA, maj. dec. William Brown, LINC, 13-4.
195: Brian Jones, SCA, pinned Danieko Givens, LINC, 1:40.
220: Joseph Gass, SCA, dec. Nolan Shrum, LINC, 10-4.
285: Hunter Cline, LINC, pinned Alex Leonhardt, SCA, 1:09.

Tuesday: Maiden (MAID) 66.0 North Lincoln (NOLI) 16.0
106: Elijah Thompson, NOLI, maj. dec. Jacob Wilson, MAID, 14-6.
113: Ryan Barbieri, NOLI, forf.
120: Alan Grant, MAID, pinned Ethan Thornhill, NOLI, 3:02.
126: Eric Rivera, MAID, pinned Conner Chroback, NOLI, 1:19.
132: Gavin Thomas, MAID, pinned Grayson Hull, NOLI, 1:16.
138: Jacob Hewitt, MAID, pinned Adam Wersching, NOLI, 1:44.
145: Gage Isaac, MAID, pinned Carter Woodby, NOLI, 1:16.
152: Ethan Steward, MAID, pinned Kyle Drum, NOLI, 0:28.
160: Will Norket, MAID, pinned Zack Leary, NOLI, 1:43.
170: John Partin, MAID, pinned Zack Leary, NOLI, 0:43.
182: Jesse Parker, MAID, pinned Jeff Morris, NOLI, 1:08.
195: Patrick Holden, NOLI, pinned Tristan Childers, MAID, 4:23.
220: Christian Hammonds, MAID, pinned Jimmy Scott, NOLI, 2:29.
285: Josh Frye, MAID, pinned Casey Gamble, NOLI, 1:50

Tuesday: Southlake Christian Academy (SCA) 43.0 North Lincoln (NOLI) 30.0
106: Elijah Thompson, NOLI, forf.
113: Adam Edwards, SCA, dec. Kaleb Laxton, NOLI, 6-2.
120: Ethan Thornhill, NOLI, dec. Josh Hart, SCA, 5-4.
126: Chris Green, SCA, pinned Conner Chroback, NOLI, 5:29.
132: Grayson Hull, NOLI, dec. Mathew Allen, SCA, 11-5.
138: Adam Wersching, NOLI, pinned Jacob Griggs, SCA, 1:40.
145: Hamilton Hewitt, SCA, pinned Carter Woodby, NOLI, 1:35.
152: Roman Rubrecht, SCA, pinned Kyle Drum, NOLI, 0:58.
160: Sam Bryant, SCA, pinned Zack Leary, NOLI, 1:11.
170: DJ Wilson, SCA, pinned Charles Magro, NOLI, 0:29.
182: Gant Allen, SCA, pinned Jeremiah Woodby, NOLI, 0:56.
195: Brian Jones, SCA, maj. dec. Patrick Holden, NOLI, 11-2.
220: Jimmy Scott, NOLI, pinned Alex Leonhardt, SCA, 0:22.
285: Casey Gamble, NOLI, forf.

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