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Birthday party made me queen for the day


Guest Columnist

I said sometime ago that I would stop having birthdays because the more you add the older you would be. But some people will not let you forget and when it’s your 80th year, it’s time to party.

And what a party it was beginning with my great-grandson coming through the door with an armful of long-stemmed roses. He chose a royalty them for the party with me being the Queen who should receive flowers and wear lots of jewelry on my special day.

My favorite girl friends came to honor me bringing peppermints in a sundae glass. What a thoughtful gift as mints are my favorite.

I relaxed and joined the fun with family and friends because my daughter and granddaughter had planned this special day for several weeks. Others came by for ice cream and cake.

The happy birthdays just keep coming. It was all very good. Maybe there will be another party when I reach another milestone.

Meanwhile, I’ll just carry on trying hard to resist all the problems that age can pile on your shoulder. I hope the surgery will take care of some of the aches and pains.

It’s such a wonderful time of the year. I believe that holiday celebrations and decorations arrive sooner each year. But why not, there’s much work put into getting all this ready, so it should be enjoyed longer.

Being a distant relative of Scrooge, I stopped most holiday decorating several years ago. It is a lot of work and then more work when it has to be removed.

This year shopping had to go too. Family will get envelopes with Merry Christmas on each of them.

When you reach the point that you can’t think of anything that they would need, want, or don’t have, and know that shopping would be very tiring, then its time to change habits.

But the joy of being together has not changed. We still have great times over the kitchen table whenever and wherever we gather.

We are so blessed with lots of good food and good times.

Small town living is life at its best and our town is the most beautiful when all the lights are shining and a giant Christmas tree on the courtsquare.

All this beauty reminds us of the greatest long ago gift and keeps up wondering why after two thousand years we still can’t accept the peace and goodwill that was offered.

May be the New Year will be different. May be some of us will try harder. And maybe I’ll be younger and have another birthday party.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.


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