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Kiser named ‘mayor’ for Cat Square parade



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The Cat Square community has named former N.C. Rep. Joe Kiser its 2012 “mayor.”

Kiser, who also served as the county’s head law enforcement official from 1989 to 1994, will be featured in Saturday’s 38th annual Cat Square parade in Vale.

The 79-year-old also has a heart for the Vale community since he grew up on Cat Square Road.

“It’s the best place in the world to live because of the good neighbors,” he said.

As Cat Square mayor, Kiser plans to lower taxes for all residents as his first order of business, he jokingly told Parade Chair Jamie Houser.

Furthermore, he plans to do away with the entire tax department and put a chicken in every pot, a traditional promise given by many Cat Square mayors over the years, Houser said.

Before tackling politics, Kiser tackled education, serving as a teacher in McDowell County in 1954 before switching to Union Elementary School in Vale two years later. He continued to teach and coach for 16 more years, heading school sports teams in basketball, baseball and football.

Following his teaching career, he entered politics, filling a number of prominent positions including Lincoln County commissioner in 1986, Lincoln County sheriff from 1989 to 1994 and the North Carolina House of Representatives, to which he was appointed in 1995, and served seven terms.

Houser said one of Kiser’s favorite hobbies is farming, an interest he developed from his father.

Cat Square Parade officials also have bestowed some additional titles in advance of this year’s event. Alyson Eaker will serve as this year’s Little Miss Cat Square, and Stephanie Shronce, Miss Cat Square. Both live in Vale.

Eaker is the daughter of Marty and Laura Eaker; Shronce is the daughter of Chris and Donna Shronce.

Contact Jamie Houser at jdhouser@bellsouth.net or (704) 732-0577 for details on the parade’s start time and lineup information.


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