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Martin set to be sworn in as commissioner

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Cecelia Martin will be officially sworn in tonight to serve a four-year term on the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.
The Crouse Republican secured her seat with a victory in May’s primary, with no Democratic or unaffiliated challengers in the general election. She’s the third woman elected to the board, something she told the Times-News on Friday that she’s proud of.
Martin also said she hopes to represent both western and eastern Lincoln County equally in her new position.
“I ran on the concept of being a candidate for both ends of the county,” she said.
Now, she plans to continue this notion moving forward, saying she wants to be a representative for Lincoln County as a whole.
Additionally, with experience in state government, she believes she will have a perspective in line with county employees, better understanding their needs as public-service workers.
That understanding has been expanded upon in recent months, as Martin has been able to attend various meetings and functions to prepare for her new role.
County Manager George Wood set up meetings for her and the county’s various department heads, allowing Martin to learn more about what they do and what they would like to see done in the future.
“I didn’t realize what all they were responsible for,” she added, noting that she was surprised by some of the duties with which different department directors are tasked.
She described the meetings as a “great opportunity,” and she hopes they are something she can continue.
Despite her own background in government and the additional knowledge she’s gained in her preparations, Martin admits there’s still room for improvement.
“I know I have a lot to learn,” she said.
However, she listed the items on her platform that she remains dedicated to carrying out, including: supporting economic development through the Lincoln Economic Development Association and the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce; ensuring that citizens of the county get their basic necessities, specifically a quality education system and law enforcement to keep them safe; and vowing not to vote to raise the tax rate.
She also wants to truly listen to citizens, saying they have not always been able to properly air their complaints in the past. Whether she agrees with them or not, she said they must be listened to in a polite and professional manner.
These are the issues Martin ran on, and she said they are what she plans to adhere to as a county commissioner.

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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