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Sharing gifts helps spread Christmas joy

Guest columnist

Lincoln Lovely Ladies reaffirmed their reason for being during last week’s meeting. It was a good crowd who met with a very entertaining hostess and after much food, talk and trying to remember each other’s names, we got down to business.
Business was a sheet of paper offered by a DSS rep with names of some who really needed material gifts this Christmas. We’re talking shoes, socks, coats and sweaters.
Sometimes just hearing about the needs of others is all it takes to grab the list and go shopping. But the names were distributed and each of us will get to help with some real gifts.
We certainly are not the only group or club helping the less fortunate this season. There will be other needs filled along with toys and shoes, socks and coats.
Boy Scouts spent a Saturday collecting food from porches helping to fill the pantry at Christian Ministries that offers daily meals and Christmas baskets. Food boxes are arriving from schools and stores to keep the coffers filled with enough to feed many for several months.
Collections from churches, clubs and individual pockets are coming daily and will total up funds to keep the ministry going during the cold winter months.
How about some recognition for all who volunteer year-round to keep the ministry going for those in need?
Sharing our energy and gifts help spread joy not only during the Christmas season, but any time others are in need.
It’s also important to remember that not all gifts will have dollar tags, be wrapped in colored paper and nestled under the Christmas tree.
I’m making my list early before anyone starts buying for me and they won’t be needing money. Most of all I want my family nearby some of the time; I want lots of hugs and snuggling time with the little ones; and I want many visits from friends who know that it’s okay to drop in often, even if they won’t drink my coffee.
While trouble brews in many places, we know that for each of us peace begins at home and love spreads through families, neighbors and communities.
My wish is that this love will spread as much happiness to others as I have ordered for myself.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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