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Results — 11/30/12

Ray Gora / Lincoln Times-News
West Lincoln wrestlers participate in a meet against Freedom earlier in the season.

Boys basketball
North Lincoln defeated South Iredell 60-44 on Wednesday.
The Knights rallied from a 17-10 first-quarter deficit to outscore South Iredell in each of the next three quarters to advance to 2-0 on the season.
Hunter Caldwell led North Lincoln with 24 points and was 11-11 from the free throw line. Christian Ramos posted 11 points and Landon Yarborough added nine points and led the team with nine rebounds and two blocks.

Girls basketball
South Iredell defeated North Lincoln 61-58 on Wednesday.
The Lady Knights led 31-27 at halftime, but were outscored 14-13 in the third quarter and 20-14 in the fourth quarter to move to 1-1 on the season.

JV basketball
The Lincoln Charter girls junior varsity team defeated East Lincoln 56-12 on Wednesday.
East Lincoln’s junior varsity boys team defeated Lincoln Charter 59-35.

Wednesday: West Lincoln (WELI) 38.0 North Henderson (NOHE) 36.0
106: Mitchel Langford, NOHE, pinned Harley Morrison, WELI, 1:41.
113: Clifford Braly, NOHE, dec. Dale Morris, WELI, 9-4.
120: Hunter Carpenter, WELI, pinned Cory Glover, NOHE, 3:36.
126: Colby Langford, NOHE, pinned Nate Mault, WELI, 0:39.
132: Ramzie Ramirez, NOHE, pinned Dillon Morris, WELI, 3:54.
138: Zach Houston, NOHE, pinned Colten Gantt, WELI, 1:49.
145: Clay Alguire, WELI, pinned Cameron Cornatzer, NOHE, 1:49.
152: Dustin Headrick, WELI, pinned Marco Perez, NOHE, 2:00.
160: Max Martinez, NOHE, dec. Bret Pitman, WELI, 6-2.
170: Michael McSwain, WELI, dec. Sake Willingham, NOHE, 11-5.
182: Logan Shook, NOHE, pinned Matthew Poteat, WELI, 4:08.
195: Mack George, WELI, pinned Celedonio Cardenas, NOHE, 1:16.
220: Tyler Putnam, WELI, forf.
285: Tyler Clinton, WELI, pinned Javier Soto, NOHE, 1:00

Wednesday: Enka (ENKA) 49.0 West Lincoln (WELI) 16.0
106: JR Banks, ENKA, dec. Harley Morrison, WELI, 5-2.
113: Charlie Putnam, ENKA, dec. Dale Morris, WELI, 6-2.
120: Tyler Valliere, ENKA, maj. dec. Hunter Carpenter, WELI, 11-2.
126: Chance Hannah, ENKA, pinned Dillon Morris, WELI, 3:35.
132: Alex Earnest, ENKA, pinned Colten Gantt, WELI, 4:42.
138: Nathan Ward, WELI, dec. Justin Shelmadine, ENKA, 9-8.
145: Clay Alguire, WELI, maj. dec. D`Shan Brendell, ENKA, 11-3.
152: Dustin Headrick, WELI, pinned Daniel Vasilyev, ENKA, 1:03.
160: Jesse McGuire, ENKA, pinned Bret Pitman, WELI, 1:10.
170: Jordan Kimbrough, ENKA, dec. Michael McSwain, WELI, 5-0.
182: Hunter Kinser, ENKA, pinned Matthew Poteat, WELI, 2:56.
195: Mack George, WELI, dec. UTB Brandon Dills, ENKA, 5-4.
220: Kacee Hutchinson, ENKA, pinned Tyler Clinton, WELI, 1:15.
285: Mitchell Barker, ENKA, pinned Bronson Pendleton, WELI, 2:45.

Tuesday: Lincolnton (LINC) 48.0 Crest (CRES) 30.0
106: Quinton Weinrank, LINC, forf. .
113: Matthew Strickland, CRES, pinned Jason Martin, LINC, 1:23.
120: Dylan Crosby, CRES, pinned TJ Steele, LINC, 3:40.
126: TJ Queen, LINC, pinned Jakob Jau, CRES, 1:02.
132: Austin Marlow, LINC, pinned Marquise Wilmar, CRES, 2:43.
138: Caleb Dills, LINC, pinned Trey Hubbard, CRES, 1:17.
145: Tanner Cantrell, LINC, pinned Chance Couch, CRES, 0:55.
152: Chad Smith, LINC, pinned Ethan Martin, CRES, 3:06.
160: Jordan Gray, CRES, dec. Tyler Albright, LINC, 8-2.
170: Isiah Simon, CRES, dec. Matthew Cabe, LINC, 14-7.
182: William Brown, LINC, pinned Jacob Camp, CRES, 1:12.
195: Zachary Deaton, CRES, pinned Danieko Givens, LINC, 2:29.
220: Thomas Willis, CRES, pinned Nolan Shrum, LINC, 2:21.
285: Hunter Cline, LINC, pinned Michael Morton, CRES, 0:39.

Tuesday: East Burke (EABU) 41.0 Lincolnton (LINC) 24.0
106: Jacob McMonegle, EABU, pinned Quinton Weinrank, LINC, 1:30.
113: Brent Terry, EABU, pinned Matthew Mitchem, LINC, 1:57.
120: TJ Steele, LINC, forf. .
126: Zack Leonard, EABU, dec. TJ Queen, LINC, 8-2.
132: Justin Franklin, EABU, tech. fall Austin Marlow, LINC, 0:00 15-0.
138: Dillan Childers, EABU, dec. Caleb Dills, LINC, 6-3.
145: Tanner Cantrell, LINC, pinned Dylan Hicks, EABU, 1:48.
152: Chad Smith, LINC, pinned Chase Dobbins, EABU, 0:20.
160: Marvin Gaither, EABU, pinned Tyler Albright, LINC, 3:06.
170: Josh Sparks, EABU, dec. Matthew Cabe, LINC, 8-4.
182: William Brown, LINC, dec. Jakob Prestwood, EABU, 7-4.
195: London Page, EABU, pinned Danieko Givens, LINC, 3:12.
220: John Buffamoyer, EABU, dec. Nolan Shrum, LINC, 9-6.
285: Hunter Cline, LINC, dec. Michael Stillwell, EABU, 10-5.

Tuesday: Maiden (MAID) 59.0 East Lincoln (EALI) 24.0
106: Jacob Wilson, MAID, forf.
113: Alan Grant, MAID, pinned Andrew McCleod, EALI, 1:43.
120: Eric Rivera, MAID, pinned Kasen Alley, EALI, 2:55.
126: James Daniel, EALI, pinned Gavin Thomas, MAID, 4:36 .
132: Jacob Hewitt, MAID, tech. fall Cody Stough, EALI, 0:00 18-1.
138: Derek Archer, EALI, pinned Brandon Lee, MAID, 2:22.
145: Gage Isaac, MAID, pinned Kelly Hines, EALI, 1:30.
152: Ethan Steward, MAID, pinned Michael Orgeron, EALI, 4:55.
160: Jeremy Tarleton, EALI, pinned Travis Sawyers, MAID, 3:13 .
170: Ashton Abshire, MAID, pinned Darrin Martin, EALI, 0:23.
182: Nathan Langlois, MAID, pinned Matthew Poole, EALI, 1:30.
195: Tristan Childers, MAID, pinned Juan Vargas, EALI, 2:52.
220: Christian Hammonds, MAID, pinned Joseph Helms, EALI, 2:20.
285: Michael Dayton, EALI, forf.

Lincoln Charter’s boys and girls swim teams took first place at the CVAC Season Opener in Valdese onWednesday.
Womens 200 Med Relay: 1st Place LCS Sophia Bhalla, Shelby Smith, Mara Bhalla, Christina Lappin.
Mens 200 Med Relay: 1st Place Andrew Lappin, Taylor Powell, Mitchell Harwood, Dillon Carey.
Womens 200 Free: 2nd Place Mara Bhalla.
Mens 200 Free: 1st Place Andrew Lappin 2nd Place Justin Simpson.
Womens 200 IM: 1st Place Christina Lappin.
Mens 200 IM: 1st Place Dillon Carey.
Womens 50 Free: 2nd Place Kyndall Morrow.
Mens 50 Free: 1st Place Mitchell Harwood 2nd Place Taylor Powell.
Mens 100 Fly: 1st Place Dillon Carey.
Womens 100 Free: 2nd Place Kyndall Morrow 3rd Place Elizabeth Brethen.
Mens 100 Free: 2nd Place Mitchell Harwood.
Women 500 Free: 1st Place  Christina Lappin 3rd Place Ellen Minaudo.
Mens 500 Free: 1st Place Andrew Lappin.
Womens 200 Free Relay: 3rd Place Madeline Tilley, Paige Anello, Elizabeth Brethen, Kyndall Morrow.
Mens 200 Free Relay: 1st Place Andrew Lappin, Dillon Carey, Mitchell Harwood, Taylor Powell.
Womens 100 Back: 1st Place Sophia Bhalla.
Womens 100 Breast: 1st Place Sophia Bhalla.
Mens 100 Breast: 1st Place Taylor Powell.
Womens 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay: 1st Place Mara Bhalla, Shelby Smith, Sophia Bhalla, Christina Lappin.
Mens 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay: 3rd Place Ryan Ellis, Reese Hodges, Nate Liska, Justin Simpson.

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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