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Time to start adding up your blessings

Guest Columnist

The turkey’s all gone. The leftovers packed up and sent home with my grandson who still thinks granny’s cooking is the best. It was a wonderful day spent with family and too many blessings to count.
But then I don’t have to have a designated holiday to count my blessings. I have more time now to linger over how blessed I am. In fact, I have time for anything and everything that I want to think about.
I remember how my mother in her later years always wanted to talk about times when the four of us were small and still at home as the best time of her life. Then, I didn’t believe it because I knew how hard life must have been for her.
I now know about her memories. I am having some of the same. It seems that time was in a hurry and now as I hold the little ones close, I close my eyes and wish to slow it down for those coming up behind me.
But then, as we age we all have managed to sail through some difficult times and looking back, they don’t seem so bad after all. Many of us weathered storms, some bad, some worse. I don’t know anyone who has had all happy days.
My generation has had the best of times. Those of us who started out with very little and didn’t mind work have benefitted from the effort. There were many jobs to be had and we were willing to work. And most offered a way up the ladder to those eager to climb.
We wanted better places to live and raise our children. We wanted better schools, churches and cars and roads and clothes and all manner of appliances and furniture to fill the corners of the bigger, better and warmer house that we now live in.
And then one day we looked around and began to complain about the insurance and tax bills and how much energy it took to take care of all we had wanted and wondered what we were going to do with all this stuff.
Then someone discovered that if we would put some of it outdoors in front of the house we could call it a yard sale.
That was when we found out that many others had more than they knew what to do with and few could be counted on to bargain for ours. Now that’s over too.
If having too much is your problem of the day, then it’s time to start adding up your blessings. If you are having a bad day, start counting and don’t stop. Add up your family, friends, food and a nice warm house.
All the appliances are working and your car is in good condition. The closets are overflowing and you have a good winter coat.
That’s a lot of blessings to count on Thanksgiving, or any day.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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