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Time change makes little difference now


Guest Columnist

The fall time change really disturbs some of my friends. Several have asked if I am bothered by the change.

Why would I be bothered? What I’m doing can be done either at 11 o’clock or noon or sooner or later.

That involves what’s for lunch, where will we go to eat, or who has today’s doctor’s appointment. Big decisions for old folks.

But then again if it’s hard to get around it is a big deal. So is everything else. We never gave much thought to how we would be affected by not being able to move around until it happened.

Easy is how you move about. Especially when there are steps to master. Then one step at a time is how you take it. Lunching out with friends can be the best part of the day. Whatever it is, food tastes better when sitting at the table with others.

Reaching out is hard to do with a bad shoulder. And raking leaves is a thing of the past. Those colorful leaves floating all around is beauty unfolding until they hit the ground and begin to pile up; suddenly they are all over the streets, yards, driveways, porches and doorways. And that’s when beauty turns into nuisance.

Eventually they will be raked up, picked up and turned into mulch for the coming spring. Leaves are seasonal and should be removed before the holidays.

The Christmas catalogs are also seasonal and that is good. You certainly wouldn’t want them to crowd your mailbox all year.

They start coming in bunches long before you have decided what you will serve with the Thanksgiving turkey. I guess there are some people who will order their holiday gifts. I don’t know them, but then I don’t know a lot of people who get excited about Christmas in November.

Do children get excited about Santa Claus anymore? Or do they believe in such? I guess the Elf on the Shelf now has more clout about behavior than an imaginary Santa.

Do you remember when a sweater, shoes, or if you were lucky maybe some boots were among, or was your present each year? When Christmas trees came from the woods behind your house and you decorated them with colored paper rings put together with homemade flour paste and popcorn strung on mama’s sewing thread.

Now that’s excitement. And drawing names at school was a good thing too. There were certain ones you wanted to get your name. I can’t remember why because most of us were in the same money boat. Floating or sinking was where we all stood.

Your children may believe this story, but if you need a good laugh try telling it to your grandchildren.

They would much rather hear about Billy Goat Gruff crossing the bridge because many of them won’t believe that either.

Times have changed in many ways and daylight saving time change makes little difference to most of us.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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