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More things that we used to say


Guest Columnist

People stop me and we talk about some of the old sayings and they sometimes mention some that I had forgotten, but I’ll have another go at it.  Here it is:

  • Loud Mouth –  Who hasn’t experienced this one at some time or other.  Wants everyone in a country mile to hear him or her.
  • Shooting off at the mouth –  Knows everything and wants everyone else to know it.  Just turn off your ears.
  • Crumb-bum   –   A shady character.  Will lie, cheat or whatever to get their way.  Don’t trust’em any further than you can throw’em.
  • Boondoogle –  A foul up of everything.   Generally an idea or scheme that never works our right.
  • Nitwit  –   A foolish person.   Always doing or saying something that doesn’t make sense.  Best just to ignore them.
  • Blind as a bat –  Not really blind, but can’t seem to see the obvious.  You have to spell it out for them, and even that doesn’t always work.
  • Nose to the grindstone –  Who hasn’t heard that one?   Get to work and quit fooling around.  Most everyone had a grindstone that turned to sharpen knives and tools.  Some turned with a handle, and others had a foot pedal.  Hard work.
  • Poke along –  To dawdle.  Take a long time to do a job.  I hate to get behind one in a car on the road, especially if you can’t pass.   Some slow pokes even talk slow.   One can irk you.
  • Louse –   A low life.  A parasite or person who is a drag.  Not much fun.   Can be mean and disagreeable.  Bad company.  Hard to tolerate.
  • Hot shot  –   Braggart.  Can do anything and knows everything.  They can do it better than anyone else and are always right.
  • Leech –   A bummer.  Never has any money nor any good to contribute to the project.  More or less just a hanger-on.
  • Two faced  –   Will tell you one thing and do just the opposite.   Best to pass on this one.  Wishy-washy and not trustworthy.   Not a good friend.
  • Kaput   –  Finished, over, done.  That’s all there is.   It’s all over.  Finis.   The very end.  Out for the count.
  • Lowlife – Not exactly like a snake that crawls on the ground, but don’t believe a thing they say or any promise they make.  Bad company.  Leave them alone.
  • Braggart –  Who likes a braggart?   Nobody, that’s who.  They are always crowing about their accomplishments or exploits, if they have any.   Keep away from them.
  • Going like sixty –   Speedy.  Moving in a hurry.  Don’t get in the way or you’ll get run over.  Based on 60 miles per hour which was flying in the old days.  Not so now with 90 mile per hour speeds. Whew!
  • Hubba-Hubba   –   A WWII cry of enthusiasm or happiness in the military.   Maybe said in response to a day of rest or a pass into town.
  • Stomping ground   –   Commonly referred to as a hanging out place for buddies.  Might be a home or a store or a playground.
  • Pole cat  –  A derogatory name given to an unsavory character.   Especially one who is hard to tolerate.  You might say they are a skunk.
  • Hot head  –   A person who is quick tempered or easy to get angry.  Might say they are trigger happy.  Definitely not Mr Cool.

When I think back, we had so many labels that were attached to our contemporaries it was unbelievable.  And we hardly hear them any more.

That’s just the way it was … in the good old days.

Charles Eurey is a Lincoln Times-News guest columnist. 


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