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Current events of little interest to my readers

Guest Columnist

While talking with friends they often mention that I have gone back to work.

This isn’t work. It’s a fun thing to do and I never tire of it, even though I keep writing about the same things over and over again.

This week, the elections created some excitement with many folks hoping that Tuesday’s results will bring an end to all that mud-slinging and winners can find their place and get on with the job.

Politics can’t find its way in my writing as I firmly believe that one candidate is about as good as his (or her) competition.

Friends, food and memories, that about takes care of my writing abilities today. There are some other things that I could put in my columns but few of my readers would find them interesting.

Just as when old friends get together, most of our conversation is about old times. We may hit on some current happenings, but soon we return to some long ago event.

One old-time friend I met recently said he writes a magazine column and that his wife who did research during her career helps him a lot. He wanted to know how much time I spent on research for my column.

Well, I have a well-worn thesaurus I lean on when I can’t think of another way to say good old days. It’s an interesting book that I wore out while working at the newspaper writing headlines on difficult stories that were not about the past.

Now and then seems to be the most important times today. Now is when keeping a doctor’s appointment and buying bread at the supermarket you see a familiar face. Then was trying to remember when we last ran into this person and what was her name.

If all else fails ask for a name. I will not move on not knowing who remembers knowing me even if they never called my name. Some say I don’t look like I used to. That’s OK, maybe that’s why I can’t tell who they are.

But I have found if you keep talking long enough you will remember some juicy morsel about this person. And that’s when the fun begins about old times.

Another old friend I met last week at the beauty shop commented on my column and wanted to know what else I was doing. We like the same type of reading material and have always been interested in each other’s activities. She said that they had been to Kenya and several other far away places. I had nothing to contribute to that conversation as I do very little and we haven’t been out of town in several years.

Well, I went to Hickory this week for a MRI does that count?

Shoulder pain has me searching for relief.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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