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Curtis defeats Bulla for N.C. Senate

Senator-elect Dr. David Curtis


Lincoln Times-News staff


Dr. David Curtis, a Denver optometrist, defeated Democrat Ross Bulla of Denver in a bid for the N.C. Senate, winning Lincoln County and the district by a comfortable margin.

Curtis, told fellow Republicans that he was glad the race was over, saying he looks forward to representing the district, which also includes parts of Gaston and Iredell counties.

Curtis won a tough party battle for the right to be on the general election ballot. After longtime state Sen. Jim Forrester died in office last year, Curtis sought the appointment to serve out his term, but was passed over in favor of former Mooresville council member Chris Carney.

Undeterred, Curtis pursued the seat in the primary, along with another challenger. Although Carney carried a narrow edge, Curtis kept him short of a majority and forced a second primary, which Curtis won easily.

He told the Times-News he wasn’t as worried about this race as he had been about the primary and primary runoff because the district is one of the most Republican in the state.

But Curtis said his Democratic opponent, Bulla, was much more aggressive in his campaign efforts than Curtis had anticipated.

“I have a new respect for him,” Curtis said.

He noted that Bulla worked extremely hard for a district that was likely considered a longshot for him to win.

Curtis emphasized the stress involved with running for office, while also noting that it’s both “very risky” and “incredibly rewarding.”

He said North Carolina is in trouble economically, and major change is needed in state government.

Curtis said he’s found that running for office is both “very risky” and “incredibly rewarding.”

Times-News staff members  Frank Taylor and Sarah Lowery contributed to this report.


Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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