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Cold weather difficult for animals at county shelter

Staff Writer

Home to more than 200 animals — consisting mostly of dogs and cats — the Lincoln County Animal Shelter’s residents are crowded and cold.

Noticing a definite increase in the amount of dogs brought in this year, along with the always-high number of cats without homes, Adoption and Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Douglas and her county Animal Services staff are running out of supplies to keep the pooches and felines warm this fall.

There are enough supplies to get by, for now, but Douglas worries that with the quantity of blankets and towels needed to clean the kennels and areas where the animals sleep, along with falling temperatures, area dogs in the shelter aren’t getting a break from the cold.

Though the area is enclosed, a number of dogs sleep in an area where there is no heat and that is “open to weather elements”; if it’s raining outside, the dogs aren’t going to get wet, but they will feel a 20-degree temperature drop after a late-afternoon storm.

After taking out dirty towels and replacing them with old ones and blankets that have holes torn in them over time, leaves a “bleak” supply stack for both cushions for dogs to lay on and cleaning aids.

Alongside donations needed to keep the animals warm, canned cat and dog food are high on the priority list, too.

“If we have little ones, or a nursing mother, we always want to give them canned food for those extra nutrients they lose while nursing,” Douglas told the Times-News.

Beds, shampoo and toys are always needed, but with colder weather setting in, local dogs in the shelter are in need of the appropriate supplies to fend off the chill seeping in through the unheated space where they live and sleep.

For more information on how to donate, call (704) 736-4125.

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