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Effort to help seek Alzheimer’s disease cure

Staff Writer

After seeing her grandfather suffer from Alzheimer’s and after his unexpected death earlier this year, 17-year-old Lincoln Charter student Mary Canipe felt inspired to do something.
That something would draw awareness to the disease and (she hopes) help prevent others from going through what she and her family experienced, she said.
Wanting to make a difference and in in remembrance of their family member, they set a goal.
Along with the help of two of her classmates, Canipe decided to sell lemonade, cupcakes, donuts, purple bracelets and other baked goods to put toward her families $2,000-goal to go toward starting a Walk for the Cure.
Canipe, Zach Bluhm and Ryley Harbour raised $300 to put toward the effort, which will wrap up Sunday.
“This sort of thing really brings your family together,” Canipe told the Times-News last week. “His passing was unexpected, which was hard. My grandpa forgot my name, I mean, he knew he recognized us and would smile at me, but he couldn’t remember exactly who we were.”
Eddie Lowe — Canipe’s late-grandfather– was diagnosed six years ago, over which Canipe and her family tried their best to make him as comfortable as they could and tried to learn more about the memory-ailing illness. In May, Lowe moved into a nursing home where he could receive more attention and help.
The LCS senior hopes her family’s money-raising attempts will make her Lowe proud, she said, as she strives to get closer to the $1,700 she wants to raise for a walk that the group is hopeful will lead to a cure or more information about Alzheimer’s.
Moving forward, Canipe is trying to also set her sights on applying to colleges, though she’s unsure where she wants to go just yet. So far, she has applied to five schools, she said, and stays busy playing basketball and orchestrating “Team Lowe’s” fundraiser for a cure.
Those interested in making a donation or for more information, visit www.alz.org and search Team Name Lowe.

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