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Reunion: long visit, short minutes

Guest columnist

We meet. We eat. We talk. We walk.

That’s the gist of what North Brook classmates with more than 60 years since graduation do when they meet each October.

I’m the new secretary and those are the minutes of the last meeting. I didn’t want to be an officer, but since we didn’t have another officer and no one else would take the job, I foolishly volunteered.

A co-officer was named. He passed a cup around and brought the money to me and implied that was the end of his job. Now I am responsible for keeping the minutes and the money. The collection was easy to count. By counting my fingers and toes I had the right amount.

The minutes are short because who could write about the pleasure of another time to greet and visit with friends. We mingle to hear all the news, some good and interesting, some bad and disturbing.

As we age most of us have health problems of one kind or another. We carry our canes, prop on chairs and limp across the floor being sure not to miss anyone. We rehash stories from our old school days and update friends about what we are doing now.

Few of us have news-breaking tidbits to share. Being able to get up, dress up and drive up is about as exciting as it gets.

And who wants to hear about aches and pains, doctor visits, the price of gas, or the latest political blab.

What else can we talk about?

I could tell them about my most beautiful great-grand daughter, who at five months is already very smart.

Waste of breath because then they’ll want to talk about their grands.

Families are blessings and friends just add to the joys of life.

And I have many friends who can be counted on to share some comfort and joy.

Such as those at breakfast on another October morning when Lincolnton’s Business and Professional Women honored all Lincoln County Women of the Year.

I am fortunate to be on the list and always ready to visit with this group again. Much warmth among friends as we are welcomed to the Cultural Center on this crisp morning.

Hosting this event is only one of the good works of the local BPW. Our town is fortunate to have such an active group.

Thanks for breakfast and keep up the good work.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.


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