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Thoughts from a registered voter

Guest Columnist

I am a registered voter with one of our national parties.
I vote in all elections and take great pride in being patriotic. I listen to the discussions of both candidates. I watched both conventions and now the debates.
I listened to the spokespersons building up their candidate along with destroying the opposition.
The reciters from both parties cast spurs at their opponents, however unprincipled and devious they were at hurling the provocations.
The mud-slinging and brutality was the menu of the day.  The reciters were applauded for their fracas manner and hostility.
They were well-coached by the leadership. The idea seemed to be, murder the other side, speak callously harsh about the opposition, tell half-truths, provide erroneous information, condemn the opposition and never compromise.  I am reminded, sad as it is, “that’s politics.”
Honestly, I am disappointed with both sides. They only communicate with each other by way of the news media. When did we lose our integrity, principles, values, ethics and primarily the thought of what is best for our nation?    These terms seem to have vanished from our vocabulary. We have lost touch with our fundamental values.
The Super PACs, approved by the Supreme Court in 2010, with their vast amounts of money will contribute to influencing and swaying the outcome of this election; money talks. They can raise unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose a candidate. These enormous amounts of money are powerful in the selection of a leader. The Super PACs are a new beast and a dangerous new weapon (in my opinion) in the political arena.   This money may determine the winner but not necessarily our nation’s needs. The Super PACS should be illegal and banned.
Sadly, no one has surfaced with the talent or gift to bring us together. Negotiation is a thing of the past. Our forefathers are probably hanging their heads in shame with our political process.
We have lost our Christian values that are the cornerstone to our government. The political process is broken. Where is the talent to repair this technique and rebuild our home-land?
Someone must rise to mend the broken fence, reclaim our core values and convert these animal instincts or we risk further erosion of our economy and ultimately our future. The alarm bell is ringing; is anyone listening?
I will vote on Nov. 6 for a national leader, hopefully, for one that may do the less damage (my fingers will be crossed). I will vote because we live in America and it is our God-given right under the Constitution. I will vote because it is the right thing. I plead with everyone to vote because it is the right thing.
God Bless America and pray that He ministers to those in the election arena.
Don Ballard lives in Lincolnton.

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