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Reader’s Forum — 10-22-12

Judge protects kids; deserves re-election
I am writing in support of Meredith Shuford, 27B Judicial District Court Judge, to be re-elected.
She has held this position since 2007. Her responsibilities include overseeing family, juvenile, domestic violence and criminal cases.
She has worked for the citizens of Lincoln and Cleveland counties to provide fair and balanced legal decisions.
As a mental-health counselor, I have been asked to provide court testimony in cases involving children.
Judge Shuford has always put the concerns of the children and their safety first.
She has the difficult position of hearing cases in which families have had major issues resulting in violence, neglect and substance abuse.
She has proven to have the necessary experience in her field and continues to become specialized in additional Judicial Training.
Judge Shuford has served this community well and deserves to be returned to her position on Nov. 6.
Connie Zmijewski,

Romney shows he’s out of touch with women
While watching the second debate between the two current presidential candidates, I heard Mitt Romney speak of choosing his cabinet after becoming governor of Massachusetts.
I was stunned by his anecdote about having to ask aides to find qualified women to select among for cabinet positions.
One wonders why a businessman with several years of experience in the private sector did not already know, personally, many qualified and experienced female colleagues among whom to find potential cabinet members.
I’m more than curious about this.
I’m appalled at the implications.
Would someone please inform him that we have been around all along, as he seems not to have noticed.
This is one of the many reasons some women find Mr. Romney difficult with whom to relate or “warm up.”
Janet Taylor,

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