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Cherryville names new interim police chief

Staff Writer
The Cherryville Police Department has a new acting chief as of this morning, according to a press release from Interim City Manager Jeff Cash.
Sergeant Det. Cam Jenks, who’s been with the department for more than a decade, will be heading the agency until further notice, the release said.
Police Chief Woodrow Burgess and Capt. Mike Allred were suspended from the department last week in connection with a federal investigation that has already charged three Cherryville police officers, one Gaston County Sheriff’s reserve officer and two Cherryville residents with protecting stolen property being transported through the area during the year.
Undercover agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation posed as criminals in the sting and received cash bribes from the local officers in exchange for suspects’ legal authority.
Jenks spoke with the Times-News Monday morning and said he’s “looking forward” to moving forward from the area’s recent drama.
“The city has stood behind us,” he said. “The citizens know that good people are left here to pick up the pieces.”
Jenks said he will continue to work closely with Cash “to the best interest” of the community.
An investigation into the city is ongoing.

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