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Bank seeks more time on permit for condos



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The bank that now owns land once slated for a Lincolnton condominium complex is seeking a additional time on the conditional-use permit for the development, which was originally approved by the City Council in 2006.

The Lincolnton Planning Board voted Tuesday afternoon to recommend approval of the request from New Dominion Bank for the renewal of a conditional-use permit to construct the condominiums, Patricia Finster, senior administrative support specialist in the Planning Department, told the Times-News on Thursday.

The original plan called for a 33-unit complex on more than 5 acres of land located on Lincoln Country Club property, roughly 650 feet north of Country Club Road and 450 feet east of Lithia Inn Road.

The permit was issued in 2006 to applicant Romeg Development and has since been renewed or extended several times.

However, Romeg eventually lost the property to foreclosure, and New Dominion Bank acquired it in 2010, according to a memo to Planning Board members from Zoning Administrator Mark Carpenter.

Carpenter likewise noted that the bank has had the property for sale since that time, with a building permit from the county’s Planning and Inspections Department yet to be issued.

The property has been listed with Century 21 Realty since March, and the bank, which has not asked for any changes to the original permit or attached conditions, is requesting the two-year extension to allow it to continue marketing the land with the potential for development intact.

The City Council will consider the bank’s request at its next meeting.

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