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Readers Forum 10-17-12


Look at both sides of the ballot; don’t forget the recent past

As we all go out to vote, please remember to vote for school board, on the BACK of the ballot.

Also, remember Dr. Martin? Our ex-superintendent who got glowing reviews all 3 years, yet couldn’t get the school board to renew his contract on two occasions in closed session, and one in open session? Four of those board members who voted not to renew are running this time: George Dellinger, Joan Avery, Tommy Houser and Ed Hatley.

Please vote accordingly.

Martin Oakes,



Board of Education in need of some new ideas

The Lincoln County Board of Education desperately needs new ideas and a fully engaged board void of personal agendas.

Lincoln County voters have saddled this county with a geriatric board with a culture of exclusion and a lack of understanding of ethical behavior.

We do not need people past retirement age feeding their egos with positions of power. We need a clean slate and we have an opportunity to invigorate our school system with new blood and character.

Joan Avery, George Dellinger, Ed Hatley and Tommy Houser have all disappointed and embarrassed us with poor judgment and questionable ethics. If we expect to experience economic growth and development we must elect a professional board.

Since our “experienced” seem comfortable sweeping impropriety under the carpet we have no choice but to sweep them from consideration as board members.

On the other hand, Cathy Davis, Anita McCall and Mark Mullen have participated in every opportunity to engage the public in discussions about their hopes and aspirations for Lincoln County Schools.

For the at-large seat we are left with two choices, Mark Mullen and Todd
Wulfhorst both have educational and work experience qualifications but Mr. Mullen has demonstrated a greater commitment to the campaign and therefore emerges as a better choice to defeat Mrs. Avery.

For the Dist. 1 seat we are left with two choices Cathy Davis and Nolan Nance. Mrs. Davis exhibits a more professional deportment and has demonstrated ongoing participation in community activities and has been a very aggressive campaigner for a position she knows she is well-suited for.

For the Dist. 3 seat Anita McCall comes to us without professional baggage and with enthusiasm for positive change in our schools.

Tony Jenkins has won the Dist. 4 seat by default as George Dellinger has withdrawn from the race.

We need Mullen, Davis, and McCall on our next Board of Education!

Jerry Haney,


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