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Miller picked to make deal on CBS

Bonnie Miller of Lincolnton is scheduled to appear on the Wednesday episode of the CBS show “Let’s Make a Deal.”




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A trip to California with a friend turned into a television debut for Lincolnton resident Bonnie Miller — an experience she said she’ll never forget.

Miller and a girlfriend scored tickets to two game shows during their time in Los Angeles, “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Crafting their own t-shirts and wearing costumes to the shows were a few of the tricks they had up their sleeves to make sure they were spotted.

In August, Miller dressed as an old maid for the taping of “Let’s Make a Deal” — the second episode of the second season of the Wayne Brady-hosted game show where the audience members dress in costumes in hopes of getting on stage to “make a deal” with Brady. Contestants are presented with boxes, envelopes or curtains, not knowing what each will hold.

After the last of her children went off to college and no longer having any of her kids living at home with her and her husband, she began to feel restless — what she calls empty nest syndrome. After being invited by her friend, Bernadette, to a getaway to California, Miller couldn’t think of a reason not to go.

A trip to San Francisco and a few other tourist stops were on the ladies’ schedule for the time they spent on the West Coast, but after entering for a chance to win entry to the two shows and hearing she had received the two free tickets, the duo couldn’t pass up the chance to spend extra time in L.A. Miller’s husband travels for work, and during a trip to New York City with him,

Miller started researching various shows that filmed in the area, such as the Anderson Cooper show that she attended while she was there; she knew what she was doing, she said.

Once on the set of “Let’s Make a Deal,” Miller and the rest of the audience were interviewed one at a time, telling where they were from, their careers and other basic information. She couldn’t remember saying anything too memorable at that point, as the process seemed rushed, but Miller believes her air-guitar performance with her Let’s Make a Clean Deal-sign, accompanied by a feather duster to compliment her house keeper ensemble, won over those who were watching.

The television show originally aired in the 1970s, and was brought back recently with a new host, new contestants and crazier costumes.

“I’ve been watching it since it first aired,” Miller told the Times-News last week. “But, I can talk and talk to a group of people, but put me on a 3-inch pedestal and that’s a completely different story; it’s that whole camera thing.”

Though Miller didn’t intend on making an appearance on the show when she decided to fly across the country, she is excited to re-live her experience this week.

The episode featuring the Lincoln County mother, and now-game show contestant, airs at 3 p.m., Wednesday, on CBS.


Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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