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Friends welcome gifted young singer

Guest columnist

A Sunday evening concert by one of our own is an event worth talking about.
The very talented young Markus Beam may have sung his way across Europe but Sunday he was at home with family and friends.
And they let him know it by the applause, cheers and tears as he captured the crowd with his classical choices and Broadway favorites.
He now calls Manhattan home but he knows where he came from. During intermission he shed his tie and returned to pleasure the crowd with his dad’s favorite “Danny Boy.”
He also offered special songs mentioning his mother, sister and grandmother. All were in the audience with other relatives.
His parents, Mark and Johnnie Beam, are well known in the Vale and surrounding area.
Remember last week when I wrote that I went to the head of the line?
Well I did it again Sunday night. I meant to put my arms around this gifted young singer and tell him that his mother was a singer too.
She and my daughter, who were young classmates at North Brook III, kept the family entertained when spending days and nights together.
It was all in fun. They never wanted to sleep and several times I had to put them to bed.
We shared a laugh at the memory and I moved on to let others have a chance to compliment his performance.
I was anxious to know about his piano accompanist. Another gifted person on stage.
She is Nancy Jordan, a staff accompanist at the North Carolina School of the Arts, a principal pianist and harpsichordist for Piedmont Opera Theatre and accompanist for the North Carolina Metropolitan Opera Auditions.
Of course she’s good. With a background like that she has to be.
She doesn’t travel with Markus, but said she would like to as they work so well together.
It was a grand evening.
Two gifted music lovers willing to share their talents with his hometown family and friends, and hometown people who support the Concert Association so that people like me can spend a Sunday evening enjoying the talents and work of others.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln TImes-News.

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