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Keep wondering in your spare time


I am getting some calls and many comments about my columns. I am pleased that many people are reading my work.

I know why my columns are so popular. It’s not that I am writing great involved novels of peace and war; it’s that my fans can relate to what they read about each week.

Most of these readers are tired of hearing about politicians and troublesome people.

They know that elections will soon be over and some political wannabees will never be heard from again. They’ve heard most promises over and over and still find them wanting and impossible to keep.

And since we have all this time on our hands, there’s much more that we can wonder about.

We wonder why most of us can’t do better when there’s a church on every corner.

We wonder why with larger courtrooms and bigger and better jails we can’t keep more trouble off the streets.

We are stunned at the many pedophiles and child abusers that are charged, tried, convicted and sentenced and soon paroled.

We find it hard to believe that we have so many hungry people when there seems to be an abundance of food.

We question the reason that many are illiterate when we supposedly have the best and most expensive school systems ever.

We wonder why school administrators get a hit from the educational supplement.

We’re dumbfounded that with all this technology we have more problems than ever with a telephone.

We wonder what all these people who appear to be on a cell-phone all the time are talking about.

We ask why we can’t have health insurance like the US Congressman.

We also wonder why congressmen who say they spend so such time in Washington seem to get so little accomplished.

And why whatever happens, the ones elected to find answers to big issues always find someone, or something else to blame.

We would like to know why a rare sightless spider could halt the $15.1 million highway underpass project in San Antonio.

How do they know it’s rare? May be there’s one near Cat Square.

A few things to think about in your spare time.

A special note: Congratulations are in order for Mitch Burgin on being named Lincolnton’s new fire chief. His years with the agency give him a great background for his work. His knowledge of the city and its citizens will aid him in doing a good job.

Good luck, Chief.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.


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