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Funny things that we used to say

Guest columnist

I recently wrote about some of the “old timey” words that were once a part of our everyday conversations, and I would like to continue in that train of thought a bit further.
Gobbledegook: “Everything he told us about the used car we were looking at was just a bunch of gobbledegook”.   A  bunch of horse manure mixed with a few truths.    In other words, don’t believe a word of it.
Horsefeathers:  As you well know, horses don’t have feathers and neither is the truth to be found in what this guy says.
Uppity:  Thinks more highly of themselves than we do.  Not nearly as good as one thinkest.
The old saying is, “I would like to buy them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they’re worth”.
Mealy-mouthed: Can’t speak the truth. Or as the old saying goes “They would climb a tree to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground and tell the truth.”
Country mile: A long ways.  Same as a city mile, but doesn’t seem so.
Hop and a skip: Beware of such directions.  Seems a short distance, however it’s usually much further.   Just over the hill a little ways.
Twixt a rock and a hard place:  Caught in an intolerable predicament.  Don’t know which way to turn.  Just stuck in place and no way out.
Ugly as homemade sin: I didn’t know there was any store bought sin, but this is some kind of ugly.
Whatchamacallit: I don’t know what it is, but it’s weird.  Doesn’t have a name or just can’t remember it.
Hub-bub:   An uproar.   Big to-do about nothing.  A lot of noise.
Hot headed: Walking on pins and needles.  Easily provoked.   Handle with care or they might explode.
Gad Fly: An annoying person, yeah, and much more.  Just looking for an argument.  You feel like swatting them.
Hoosegow: Was once the name for jail.  Got those hoosegow blues   Locked up and can’t get out.
Peggy: Not a woman’s name, but a game played with a straight stick and a short wooden peg.  The idea is to flip the peg into the air and hit it as far as you can with the straight stick.  Not easy.
Horse laugh: A loud annoying, irritating laugh. The kind that gets on your nerves.
Hell box: A container in a print shop that the printer throws unused or discarded type into.
Hush:  Stop talking, yelling or whatever. Shut up. Be quiet.   Sing a little song, “hush little baby don’t you cry, daddy will be back by and by”.
Full of hot air: Pompous, overbearing, so-called know it all.  Thinks they’re smarter than everyone else.  Most people don’t like to be around them.
Pitching a fit: Unhappy, ranting and raving.  Usually caused by denial of some privilege or desire.  If it’s a kid they may lie down and drum their heels on the floor and squall.
Hunky dory: Everything is okay.  Just right, no complaints.   How that translates is beyond me but it works.
Hoo-doo: Cheats. Don’t trust them as far as you can throw them.  They will do it to you every time.  “That’s just the way they are and they will hoo-doo you for sure”.
I bet you can think of some doozies yourself. Try it.   That’s just the way it was … in the good old days.
Charles Eurey is a Lincoln Times-News guest columnist.

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