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Saturday morning injury clinic

Football is America’s favorite sport and there is no purer form than high school football.

Every Friday night athletes are giving their all in front of their peers, family, and friends.  It provides excitement for the community and teaches discipline and team work to the students.

A small percentage of players will be able to use this sport to brighten their future.

The hidden reality is that football can be a very dangerous sport. There are injuries during every football game.  Fortunately, the majority of them are minor injuries.

Injury treatment begins on the field by either the athletic trainer or the team physician and, if safe, the player will be helped to the sidelines.  On the sidelines a more thorough exam is performed and a working diagnosis established.    Based on the findings during the evaluation, the health care provider will determine whether it is safe for the athlete to return to play.

Players may return to play on injuries that may later be found to be more serious than initially thought because of adrenaline.

Even minor injuries may cause problems later that require more treatment than initially anticipated.

The difficulty comes after the game is over and the player is home with his family. It is not unusual for injury symptoms to persist or get worse after the game is over.

Parents may become concerned enough to consider a visit to the emergency department. Before going to the ED, the first treatment should be elevation and ice to the injured area.

Traditionally, the only option would be to wait at the emergency department or until Monday morning to have him seen by his physician.  Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln now provides a Saturday morning injury clinic during the football season (Aug 18th-Nov 3rd) specifically for these athletes.

We offer treatment on Saturday morning at CMC Orthopaedics (located in the Medical Plaza adjacent to the hospital, Suite 1100) for injured athletes.

We have a fully staffed clinic with access to x-ray and an Orthopaedic specialist.  At the clinic, we can fully diagnosis and start treatment. The Injury clinic opens at 8 a.m. and is on a first come, first serve basis.  On arrival you will need to fill out the standard paper work and may have x-rays taken if necessary.

Should the injury require any other specialized testing such as CT scan or MRI it will be ordered at that visit and follow up will be scheduled.  If therapy is required it will be prescribed and possibly coordinated with your athletic trainer.

Treating the community is very important to CMC-Lincoln and starts with our children.  If your child is injured, we are here to help you and your family.

For more information on our injury clinic ask your local high school athletic trainer or contact CMC-Orthopaedics at 980-212-6250.

Larry Martin Jr., MD, and Matt Bogeart, PA, will be managing the Saturday injury clinic at 441 McAlister Road, Suite 1100, Lincolnton, NC 28092.


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