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Rep. Saine says new committee assignments reflect areas of interest

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N.C. Rep. Jason Saine, R-Lincoln, announced this week that he has been appointed to two committees by House Speaker Thom Tillis. These are in addition to the almost 10 on which he is already serving.
The two new committees of which he will now be a member are the Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee and the Digital Learning Environments in Public Schools Committee.
Saine told the Times-News on Wednesday that a House member’s interests and expertise on matters are considered when the speaker makes his selections.
Additionally, input from the chairs of the committees is taken into account, as they are able to recommend appointments if they feel like a particular member might have something to add, he said.
Saine, who is a North Carolina Volunteer Firefighter and recently completed work on a bachelor’s degree in fire science, stated in a press release that he believes his experiences with the fire service will help in his committee work.
“I think I have a fairly unique perspective and am excited about what I can bring to the committee,” he noted. “I know that other members of the committee have different backgrounds in emergency services, and I hope to learn a lot from them, too.”
Saine also campaigned on expanding opportunities for students and teachers in technology, and said he looks forward to his work on the Digital Learning committee.
“I believe one of the most crucial aspects of education we need to understand and where we need to be ahead of the curve is digital learning,” he said.
He added that he spent some of his summer away from Raleigh traveling to conferences and speaking with experts on digital learning and funding in public schools.
“During the campaign, I stressed that relationships were important, and I think those have certainly helped me represent Lincoln and make sure that folks here have a voice,” Saine said.
After winning the Republican primary in May, Saine is unopposed in this fall’s general elections. He was appointed to the N.C. House last year after then-N.C. Rep. Johnathan Rhyne resigned.

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