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Apple Festival: A good day for all

Guest columnist

What a day! What a way to spend the Apple Festival. Especially for someone who cannot walk very well.
All morning and afternoon friends came and visited on the Elmore front porch.
I have always enjoyed the festival usually walking all along the route before the day was over.
Many of the booths and food courts had friends to stop and talk with, may be to get something to eat, or just admire the work displayed.
But that was when walking was easy and standing around for hours wasn’t too bad.
Things are different now and I jumped at the invitation to join friends for a front porch view of West Main.
I soon laid claims to a freshly painted rocking chair to watch the slow-moving crowd as it moved along the street.
People are interesting to watch. All manner of dress, hair-dos and tattoos were on parade. Many young parents were pushing strollers and others were carrying bags of apples and flower bouquets.
Several had disobeyed the stern rules that the festival board had published in several places and sneaked their dogs in at the gate. The owners seemed unconcerned about the rules that others obeyed.
From the front porch we could also see children riding a camel. It was interesting to watch as camels are not often seen around Lincolnton.
Further on to the courtsquare and beyond there were many areas that we couldn’t see but heard about. Children marching and dancing along East Main and music around the Citizens Center.
Smokey the Bear attended to entertain the children and remind the rest of us how important it was to be careful with fire.
I don’t believe that the city could have held another automobile. It seemed that all large or small parking places could not have squeezed another vehicle in to stop.
These cars brought all those people who strolled the streets saying hello to friends and neighbors, while pushing baby strollers and buying candy apples, hot dogs, pizzas, ice cream, pies and apples.
And a good day was had by all.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.


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