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Reader’s Forum — 9-19-12

Thanks for making Apple Festival happen
Another year has come and gone and all who enjoyed the Apple Festival, including myself, owe a big thank you to all those people involved in the planning and then putting the plan into action on Apple Festival Saturday.
This is a tremendous undertaking by the Apple Festival Board and the Extension Service, who met almost every month, sometimes two or three times during the month to put it all together. I know this from experience, having served on the board many years ago.
They are a dedicated group. If not for them, I doubt whether Lincoln County and the City of Lincolnton would have an Apple Festival.
I personally would like to thank all those involved and to commend all the city and county employees involved in making it happen on festival day. We all need to thank them and express our appreciation for the fast clean-up job at the end of the day.
On Sunday morning, you would never have believed that a festival, the best and largest ever, was held on Saturday.
Thanks to all for a job well done.
Fred Houser,

Home Health Agency does its job well
Lincoln County Home Health Agency is one organization that we never hear much about.
The citizens of Lincoln County can be very proud of the agency because it deserves so much praise for the wonderful work it does.
During a recent health crisis, my husband wanted to remain at home, so we were referred to Lincoln County Home Health Agency.
We were greeted by a wonderful staff of professionals at our home: Sheila Payseur, RN, along with Niki, Cathy, Emily Katherine and others.
They provide better care than anyone can expect in a home setting.
Someone from the staff was there each weekday, conferring with our physician whenever necessary and performing their specialized duties in a tender caring manner, as if they were caring for a member of their own family.
Without them, I would never have been able to care for George at home.
I will be forever grateful for that time.
Lincoln County can truly boast about Lincoln County Home Health Agency.
Margaret Turner,

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