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2 week ‘Litter Sweep’ an opportunity to spruce up

Staff Writer

Lincoln County Parks and Recreation is encouraging residents to focus the next two weeks on cleaning up their community as part of their biannual Litter Sweep effort.
Every spring and fall, Parks and Recreation officials reach out to residents about picking up trash and making an extra effort to keep their homes, county highways, vacant lots and other area locations clean, according to a press release.
The purpose of the educational, “self-directed” initiative is two-fold: to clean up the community during seasons when “nature is at its best” and to cut down on littering, Parks and Recreation Director Erma Dean Hoyle told the Times-News on Tuesday.
“Make a little extra effort to help make Lincoln County a cleaner and nicer place,” she said. “We would love for people to take that responsibility year round, but we’re focusing on it in the fall as nature and the environment gets pretty with the fall colors.”
Litter is a noteworthy problem in the county, Hoyle said. She’s confident that people will be less inclined to dump their trash along roadways and other stretches of land if the area already appears clean.
“If people see litter, they aren’t as apt to be careful,” she said.
Individuals who wish to participate in the two-week county “sweep” can pickup trash bags, work gloves and reflective vests at the Parks and Recreation Office.
For more information about Litter Sweep 2012 or for necessary clean-up items, call the Recreation Office at (704) 748-1518.

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