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Notable News — 9-12-12

Baldwin promoted  to warrant officer
Mark L. Baldwin of Cherryville was selected and promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer in the United States Marine Corps on Feb. 1 of this year.
He was one of 229 selected from the entire Marine Corps, a force made up of roughly 260,000. He enlisted in the Marine Corps on Oct. 6, 2003. He is currently serving as the Officer in Charge of the Installation Personnel Administration Center at Camp Lejeune.
He is the son of Robert G. Baldwin and Elizabeth M. Romagosa, both of Lincolnton.

4-H’ers receive honors at state competition
Lincoln County 4-H’ers received honors at state competitions during the annual North Carolina 4-H Congress. The Congress was conducted July 16-19 at North Carolina State University.
State winners were:
Cody Johnsen,17, son of Jeff and Kristi Johnsen of Denver, won the trip to National 4-H Conference in Washington, D.C. Cody also received county champion and district gold in the 14-18 Citizenship and Civic Education Presentation. Cody was also recognized at the N.C. 4-H Donor Awards and Recognition Program for receiving the state gold in his Electric Cumulative Record.
Guy Perkins, 18, son of Gordon and Cheree Perkins of Iron Station, won the gold medal for the 14-18 Horticultural Production and Marketing Presentation. He will be attending the National Junior Horticulture Association Convention in Wisconsin in October to compete with his presentation at the national contest. Guy also was chosen to attend the American Youth Leadership Conference in 2013. He was also recognized at the N.C. 4-H Donor Awards and Recognition Program for receiving the state gold in his Science and Technology and Poultry Production Cumulative Records.
Joseph Perkins, 16, son of Gordon and Cheree Perkins of Iron Station, won the gold medal for the 14-18 age division Chicken Barbecue Contest. He will attend the National 4-H Egg and Poultry Conference in November to compete in the national 4-H chicken bbq contest. Joseph was also selected to attend the National 4-H Conference in Washington D.C.
Wyatt Johnsen, 15, son of Jeff and Kristi Johnsen of Denver, won the state bronze medal for the 14-18 age division Electric Presentation.
Ruth Perkins, 13, daughter of Gordon and Cheree Perkins of Iron Station, won the state gold medal for the 11-13 age division Turkey Barbecue Contest.
Benjamin Teague, 13, son of Kent and Tracy Teague of Gastonia, won the state gold medal for the 11-13 age division Communications and Expressive Arts Presentation.
Lincoln County 4-H’ers also participated in the State 4-H Poultry Judging Contest during the N.C. 4-H Congress. The senior team winning second place included Emma Isom, Guy Perkins, Ethan Reckers and Sarah Starrett. Ethan Reckers was the second place senior and third place overall individual in poultry judging.
Other 4-H members competing with presentations at the county and district events were as follows:
Ages 5 to 8: Leonela Abarca—Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, County; Emily Dellinger—Science & Technology, County; Addie Dillon—Poultry Production, County & District; Sophie Perkins—Fabric &Fashion Design, County & District; Caleb Street—Bugs and Bees, County &District; America Torres—Forestry & Wildlife, County
Ages 9-10: Isaac Ibarra—Bugs & Bees, County and Francisco Murillo—Electric, County
Ages 11 – 13:Victoria Blake &Megan Dellinger—Careers, County; Paulo Ibarra—Health & Fitness, County
Sheyanne Johnsen—Electric, District Silver, State participant; Trey Johnsen—Electric,District Gold, State participant; Maria Murillo—Bugs & Bees, County; Aaron Rojo—Soil, Water & The Environment, County; and Montserrat Torres—Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, County
Ages 14-18: Geovani Ibarra—Open Class, County; Emma Isom—Careers & Entrepreneurship, County & District participant; Cody Johnsen—Citizenship & Civic Responsibility, District Gold, State participant; Ethan Reckers—Poultry Production, District Silver, State participant; Brandon Rojo—Forestry & Wildlife, County; and Omar Torres—Horticulture Production & Marketing, County
For more information about 4-H programs, you may contact the Lincoln County 4-H office, N.C. Cooperative Extension, (704) 736- 8458 or 115 W. Main St., Lincolnton.

Gavel wins Girl Scout Gold award
Girl Scout Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont recently announced that Michelle Gavel of Denver has earned her Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting.
Gavel, daughter of Kirk and Lisa Gavel and a member of Troop 20657, organized a Leadership Institute, a service-learning organization for students to join and work together to host community events, at Lincoln Charter School.
The group advocates for volunteer service and its impact on our communities.
The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest earned award for Girl Scouts grades 9-12. The Girl Scout Gold Award follows in the footsteps of the Golden Eaglet, First Class and Curved Bar awards – previously the highest awards in Girl Scouting. It is a reflection of the dedication and determination of each recipient.
After the minimum requirements are completed, the Gold Award project is the culmination of a girl’s demonstration of self-discipline, leadership ability, time management, creativity, initiative and a significant mastery of skills.
Each girl must dedicate a minimum of 80 hours to planning and implementing her project, which must benefit the community and have long-lasting impact.

Thorne completes book on Old Testament
Tom Thorne of Denver has completed and self-published a second Hebrew Roots/Christian manuscript,called Jesus, as Foretold in the Old Testament: Yeshua from the Tanakh, that is available at www.feelingoutstanding.com.
The book describes how Jesus’ life, crucifixion and resurrection were foretold by the prophets.
It also demonstrates how many of the Old Testament patriarchs as well as observances, such as the Holy Days, the Tabernacle and the sacrificial system, all pointed directly to Jesus. The book took about 22 months to complete.
Thorne and his wife currently reside in Denver. Thorne is fascinated by the Old Testament roots of Christianity and how Jesus is the “main event” of the entire Bible.
He is also available for speaking engagements or Bible Studies on the subject of Christianity’s Hebrew roots.
He can be reached at(704) 308-1243 or via email at TGAl123@bellsouth.net.

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