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Church demolishes former pawn shop

Ray Gora / Lincoln Times-News
Heavy machinery works Wednesday to raze the long familiar yellow-brick building that once housed Boger City Pawn on East Main Street in Linconton.



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A familiar storefront on East Main Street in Boger City was demolished Wednesday, with cleanup now under way.

The yellow-painted, brick building, located just east of Boger City Baptist Church, was formerly a pawn shop. However, the church acquired the property in January for $189,500, according to property records.

Gene Saunders, who serves as chairman of the church’s Board of Deacons, told the Times-News on Thursday that after the property’s previous owner passed away, the executor of his estate contacted the church to give it first dibs on purchasing the land.

While Saunders said there are no current plans for developing the property, the church decided it would be best to demolish the building, which had several broken windows, in order to prevent “vagrants” from entering it during the winter. Additionally, the structure, which had been standing since 1929, would have cost too much to remodel into a usable condition, he said.

The church now plans to clean up the lot, which Saunders said was becoming an “eyesore,” level off the land and plant some grass.

Todd Cochrane, chairman of the church’s Building and Grounds Committee, said they hope to just make the property more presentable to the community for now, adding that there will not be a new structure built anytime soon.

Lincolnton Zoning Administrator Mark Carpenter confirmed that other than acquiring the demolition permit, the church had submitted no site plans for the present.

Saunders noted that the funding necessary for future development is hard to come up with in this economy.

Boger City Baptist Church now owns the whole block stretching from Green Street to Smith Street.


Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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