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Stormy forecast moves Obama speech indoors; could keep local attendees out

Fewer Lincoln County residents who had been looking forward to hearing President Barack Obama speak on Thursday may be able to attend after concerns about the weather have forced Democratic National Convention organizers to move the event indoors to a faciilty with less seating.

While most of the week’s activities are already being held at the Time Warner Cable Arena, the presidential address had been set for the much larger Bank of America Stadium. But the stadium, home to the Charlotte Panthers football team, is also an outdoor venue, while TWC Arena, home to the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team and Charlotte Checkers minor-league hockey team, is an indoor site.

With the forecast calling for severe storms in the area on Thursday,the DNC Committee announced Wednesday morning that Thursday’s events will now be relocated to the arena as well.

There’s no word so far on who will get to attend and who won’t, but it’s clear there will be far fewer seats to go around.

The DNCC also announced that President Obama will address community-credential holders who will no longer be able to attend in a conference call on Thursday. Call information will be emailed directly to them.

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