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Sheriff issues tips for enjoying a safe Labor Day weekend

Staff Writer

Due to the anticipation of increased congestion along the roadways this holiday weekend, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has issued the public a number of safety tips.
Sheriff David Carpenter encouraged drivers to keep a vigilant eye along all areas of the roadway where they’re traveling, never gazing directly at one point for a fixed amount of time and always remembering to “aim high” when steering.
The term “aim high” means to glance far ahead at portions of the approaching roadway, the release said.
Deputies discouraged tailgating, reminding drivers to signal vehicle moves with brake lights, turn signals, a horn, headlights or other necessary warnings, and increasing distance from other drivers in wet, dangerous conditions.
Passing can also become tricky for drivers, the release said. The Sheriff’s Office suggested individuals “glance at the ground beside the front wheel of the car” they intend to pass. The added safety gesture may offer a driver a few extra seconds to react if one notices the vehicle ahead of them is about to veer, the release said.
An additional passing guideline included pulling out into the opposite lane of travel while still “well behind” another vehicle, giving the passing driver extra time and room to increase speed, and if necessary, move back into the original travel lane.
Of all the suggested safety measures in the release, Carpenter believed drivers’ best bet at remaining crash free this Labor Day weekend was to practice the Golden Rule on the roadway and avoid road rage and other angry, reckless habits by simply getting out of a “bad” driver’s way.
“Be courteous and tolerant,” he said.

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