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Habitat grows with each contribution

Guest columnist

I was a secret hoarder.
It ended when the closet door wouldn’t close.
I hoarded cloth, patterns, buttons, thread and lace. I could close my eyes and see all this in dresses, coats, curtains and draperies.
But the hoard didn’t turn into dresses, coats, curtains and draperies. It was a jungle of stuff that overflowed from closets, chests and baskets.
This stuff has to go.
So I bundled up a big batch of cloth for the church ladies who will return to their quilting next month. I believe most of their work goes to the needy. So may be this extra cloth will help someone keep warm this winter.
I called the Habitat Restore and was told yards of the same material would be accepted. I had yards and yards of various fabrics and many colors so I bagged lots of it and delivered. I am impressed with the store today.
I remember volunteering Saturday mornings at the first store along the railroad tracks. Lots of good and many customers boosted the sales and added to the coffers.
I was the president of the first Lincoln County Habitat for Humanity chapter. I never wanted to be president of anything, but I was encouraged by a couple of strong persuaders who promised that I would get a lot of support. And I did.
Soon the board was filled with talented volunteers who scanned the town collecting money, supplies and a place to build the first house. Churches and civic clubs gave strong support with both prayers and financial gifts.
A family was found and soon many skilled volunteers arrived carrying hammers and saws and wearing their aprons full of nails. Women took turns delivering lunch to the workers.
I’m glad that I had a part in organizing this Habitat chapter and I’m prouder still of all who volunteered and the many who have worked hard to keep it going.
Contributing a bag of cloth is but a small part of what it takes.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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