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Cherryville could use some rain

Staff Writer

The city of Cherryville has implemented its water-shortage policy due to the lack of recent rainfall.
Interim City Manager Jeff Cash issued at notice on Wednesday saying the city’s water supply, Indian Creek, had “suffered reduced amounts of flow” over the last week. As a result, the city will move from voluntary “Water Conservation Stage 1” to “Stage 2 Mandatory Reductions.”
Under these restrictions, all customers are required to reduce their water usage by 10 percent in comparison to their previous month’s water bill, the release noted.
Specifically, customers must comply with the following stipulations: irrigation should be limited to half an inch per week between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.; outdoor use of drinking water for washing impervious surfaces is prohibited; and all testing and training requiring drinking water will be limited.
Additionally, the city will continue to encourage all voluntary reduction actions.
Enforcement of the water-shortage response plan’s provisions will be conducted by Cherryville’s utility department and police personnel. Citations are assessed based on the number of prior violations and the current level of water shortage.
Under the Mandatory Reductions level, first violations result in a warning, second violations result in a $250 fine and third violations will result in the discontinuation of service.
To report violators, call the city’s water-conservation telephone line at (704) 435-1700 or the Cherryville Police Department at (704) 435-1717. Violations may also be reported to: phall@cityofcherryville.com or babernathy@cityofcherryville.com.

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