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Keeping tabs on registered sexual offenders



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The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is coming up with creative ways to keep tabs on local sex offenders to ensure the more than 120 individuals registered across the county actually reside at their listed residences.

Checks will occur randomly and more frequently throughout the year, the agency announced in a press release this week.

Lt. Tim Johnson, head of Criminal Investigations, is heading the “time-consuming” initiative with the hope that the more proactive nature of the Sheriff’s Office will better safeguard county citizens, the release said. Deputies also plan to ensure the area’s 123 sex offenders are living within the guidelines of their status, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“We are trying to … protect the citizens of Lincoln County,” Johnson said in the release. “At the end of the day, keeping the elderly, children and women safe in our county is a top priority.”

Sheriff David Carpenter agreed with Johnson in the release on the importance of safeguarding the community.

“Keeping track of registered sex offenders is an added duty to our agency,” he said, “and with this new initiative, we hope to go above the requirements in place and to make sure our citizens are protected in our schools, daycares, workplaces and homes.”

Deputies also request people not delay in calling 911 if they spot an offender in an area in which that person is not legally allowed to lurk, including a school, playground, day care, ball field or other children’s area.

To find out more information on sex offenders throughout the county, visit sexoffender.ncdoj.gov/default.aspx.


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