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Results — 8/24/12

North Lincoln defeated Mooresville 5-4 on Thursday.
Madeline Harrison vs. Maggie Siebert 10-6 (NLHS)
Holly Vernon vs. Kendall Henley 10-5 (NLHS)
Serah Haley vs. Kaylee Beaudoin 7-10 (MHS)
Sydney Miller vs. Peyton Readling 10-8 (NLHS)
Kaiti Chandler vs. Autumn Ping 8-10 (NLHS)
Hannah Perez vs. Savannah Burgess 10-2 (NLHS)
Harrison/Vernon vs. Siebert/Henley 3-8 (MHS)
Miller/Haley vs. Beaudoin/Readling 5-8 (MHS)
Perez/Chandler vs. Ping/Roose 9-7 (NLHS)
Kelly Bailey 6-0
Aubrey Lewis 6-1

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