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Reader’s Forum — 8-24-12

McHenry’s column proof that politicians lie

I really appreciated your editorial the other day pointing out the current slate of political ads on both sides are — shall we say — not completely true.
You challenged us, as citizens and voters, to use our critical thinking when viewing them and to research reality through other resources before making our first Tuesday of November decisions.
Needless to say, I experienced a host of emotions when I read Mr. McHenry’s guest column in Monday’s paper.
After letting my “liar, liar, pants on fire” and sputtering other labeling, mind-reading, fortune-telling, catastrophizing, should-statements, and vengeance responses go, I looked for your admonition reminding us politicians lie, frequently.
Then it occurs to me:  what does his opponent have to say on these topics?
I am looking forward to her guest column reply.
I can only hope she gives us citizens an honest, verifiable response.

Tony Schneider,

Editor’s Note: Congressman Patrick McHenry’s opponent in this year’s election, N.C. Rep. Patsy Keever, D-Buncombe, has been invited to respond to his recent guest column.

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