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Reader’s Forum — 8-20-12

Biden’s ‘chains’ comments ironic
Recently on the campaign trail, Joe Biden told a Virginia audience that Republicans wanted to put them back in chains.

The allusion to slavery is rather ironic, given Biden’s support for raising taxes, especially for higher-income earners.

Slavery is defined as non-ownership of one’s person and labor.

Forcible taxation of one’s personal income makes one a partial slave, for if one is legally bound to hand a certain percentage of one’s income, the fruits of one’s labors) over to federal, state and local governments, then from a legal standpoint, one does not have full ownership of one’s person and labor.

Therefore, taxation is a form of slavery.

Matthew Reece,

Obama wants to change America
When was the last time (if ever) you heard President Obama say something positive about our great country?

Isn’t it obvious that what he wants is not to improve what has been historically the freest most prosperous country on earth, but to fundamentally change her using the European socialist model as his guide?

It certainly appears that he does not believe in the principles upon which this country was built, flourished and has been so passionately fought for.

No other nation on Earth has ever offered the freedoms and opportunities offered and guaranteed by our good old USA.

We’ve had our struggles, made mistakes and we certainly aren’t perfect, but whatever obstacles we’ve faced we’ve faced together, and in doing so we did not give up on the American ideals and principles that made us strong.

For all of us who love, believe in and are proud to be American, young and old alike, must make it our duty to take America back from those who would do her harm.

We must take the initiative, use our God-given abilities, good sense and courage to stop the dismantling of our beloved country, so that our children, grandchildren and the generations to come will know and enjoy her as we and those before us have.

This November’s election is between two men with very different philosophies and ideologies.

President Obama (as he promised in 2008, and is already putting in place) will fundamentally change the course of America by further implementing his European socialist model. Mr. Romney, on the other hand, brings his experience, record of achievement and understanding of American industry to get people working again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president speaking proudly about America’s successes, rather than the constant excuses and apologies offered by Obama?

Gene Poinsette,

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