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Fire destroys Lincolnton family’s home

Staff Writer

A mother and her two children found themselves homeless after a blazedestroyed their house late Sunday afternoon on the city’s southwestern end.
The Crouse Fire Department responded between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. asthe primary agency at the White Street home with mutual assistance from firecrews with Lincolnton, Howards Creek and South Fork, according to LincolnCounty Fire Marshal Mike Futrell.
A neighbor saw flames and contacted 911. Shortly after, firefighterscalled the resident at Waffle House where she works an evening shift, Futrellsaid.
Fire officials remain puzzled over what started the conflagration but saidthey think the fire originated in one of the home’s front rooms.
The woman’s two children had been staying with a grandmother for thenight, and no one was at home when the flames abruptly broke out, Futrell said.
Due to the home’s cluttered state, the fire burned for several hoursSunday.
“It burned all day,” he said. “It was packed floor toceiling in some of the rooms.”
The Fire Marshal’s Office and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office areconducting an ongoing investigation into the incident.
While fire officials have yet to rule out arson in the case and arelooking at all possible options, they have no evidence at this time suggestingfoul play.
The American Red Cross is currently assisting the family of three,providing a free room for them at the Comfort Inn in Lincolnton.
Emergency Medical Services additionally responded to the incident.

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