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Defense lawyer says she’s in dark on details

Murder suspect’s attorney: Too early to discuss plea

Staff Writer

A month after a double homicide shocked Lincolnton, the attorney of the man charged with the crime tells the Times-News that she has yet to see one case document.
“I don’t even have the first page of a police report,” defense attorney Victoria Jayne said on Friday. “Until I see what they claimed happen, I don’t really know.”
Jayne is representing 43-year-old Lincolnton resident Wilbert Lester Fair who is accused of murdering Mike and Bonnie Vincent inside their Broome Street home in July.
While Jayne has already met multiple times with Fair, she’s said she’s limited on what she knows about the incident and has yet to receive any forms or information from either police or the District Attorney’s Office.
“You probably know more than me (about the case),” she told the Times-News.
Even so, Jayne doesn’t consider her lack of knowledge on the investigation abnormal at this point. She said the length of time is typical of a case in which a suspect has been arrested on a warrant instead of an indictment.
“Until there’s an indictment, that’s how it works,” she said. “When someone’s arrested on a warrant prior to an indictment, we don’t begin to get discovery right away,” referencing the legal process in which the defense team will see what evidence the state has gathered in the case.
She was unaware of the exact nature of Fair’s relationship with the Vincents as well as how the victims died and specifics on the murder motive and weapon, details which police are also keeping hush-hush from the public at the request of the State Bureau of Investigation, who’ve assisted officers in the case.
Jayne is anxious to see the victims’ autopsy reports, and particularly, toxicology reports, forms which the Times-News also requested earlier this month.
She plans to file motions in the near future to retrieve some case documents.
“This is a serious matter so it’s going to take some time,” Jayne said.
She said she also believes it’s far too early to determine whether she and Fair will discuss plea negotiations.
A grand jury is expected to convene in the case a week from today.

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