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Results — 8/17/12

NL tennis
Maiden Match
Madeline Harrison vs. Molly Black  0-4 (NL)
Holly Vernon vs. Cenyu Yang 10-5 (NL)
Maggie Blythe vs. Katie Willis 0-10 (MH)
Serah Haley vs. Kristen Laney 7-10 (MH)
Sydney Miller vs. Rachel Good 1-10  (MH)
Marissa Duck vs. Lydia Poovey 10-4 (NL)
Harrison/Vernon vs. Black/Yang 8-6 (NL)
Blythe/Haley vs. Willis/Good 2-8 (MH)
Miller/Chandler vs. Laney/Poovey 9-7 (NL)
Overall: 5-4 North Lincoln
Newton Conover Match
Madeline Harrison vs.Brittany Connor 10-4 (NL)
Holly Vernon vs. Rachel Hamm 7-10 (NC)
Maggie Blythe vs. Kara Schell 10-5 (NL)
Serah Haley vs. Candace Silva 6-10 (NC)
Sydney Miller vs. Anna Tinkleberg 10-7 (NL)
Marissa Duck vs. Drue Stroud 10-8 (NL)
Harrison/Vernon vs. Conner/Schell 8-5 (NL)
Blythe/Haley vs. Silva/Hamm 5-8 (NC)
Miller/Chandler vs/ Stroud/Dillard 5-8) NC
Overall: 5-4
Lincoln Charter soccer
Lincoln Charter defeated Cherryville 5-0 on Thursday.
Goals: LCS- Blake Artavia, Zach Bluhm, Heath Patterson, Mattie Groff, Cole Prommel.
Assists: LCS- EJ Morphew, Caylon Nagy, Zach Bluhm, Heath Patterson.

Senior bowling
8-16-12 Results
High Game Scratch:  Ken Fair 257, Nelia Winters 236; Year to date:  Ken Fair 289, Nelia Winters 236
High Series Scratch:  Ken Fair 709, Nelia Winters 634; Year to date: Ken Fair 805, Nelia Winters 634
High Game HC:  Steve Jordan 266, Nelia Winters 278; Year to date: Ray Monte 298, Doris Heafner 292
High Series HC: Ralph Dutcher 710, Nelia Winters 760; Year to date: Ron McCarty 809, Nelia Winters 760
High Average:  Ken Fair 224, Nelia Winters 161
Bob’s Bullets 130 – 54
Ron’s Riders  107 – 77
Ralph’s Rookies 105 – 79

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