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Boy Scout pack camps at historic carrier

First row (left to right): Scouts Garrison Fisher, Chevy Short, Lance Crespo, Jacob Blackwood, Logan Bumgarner, Justin Blackwood
Second row (left to right): Parents Susan Fisher, Shawn Short, Lito Crespo, Melissa Crespo, Anthony Bumgarner, Marty Holloway, Chrissy Holloway.

Local Boy Scout Pack #81 recently relived a part of history when they participated in a camping program aboard the World War II aircraft carrier the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. The youth became “shipmates” with other youth as they toured the Yorktown, a World War II submarine, the USS Clamagore; the Vietnam-era U.S. Naval Support Base and the Cold War Memorial. Morning and evening meals were prepared and served to youngsters in the “Chief’s Mess” aboard the Yorktown for the full effect of having lived aboard a famous man-of-war. Pack #81 also took a boat ride to Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, where the Civil War began. Chrissy Holloway is the Group Cub Master.  Scout Justin Blackwood said: “The thing I liked about the trip was the flight deck. It had a lot of information about the planes, like how fast they go and what type of plane it is. The pilots had to be good to catch the small cable to slow them down so they could stop.”

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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