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Lots of activity makes good weekends

Guest columnist

There’s this group of women who call themselves the Lovely Ladies of Lincoln County.
I was welcomed into the group and joined the monthly assembly where the program must be meet, eat, talk and go.
One wonders where the Lovely Ladies title came from, as few of us could be called a lovely lady. Maybe lady, but it would be a stretch of the imagination to call some of us lovely.
But most of us can eat more and out talk each other. So if you show up, that could be the membership requirement.
Our hostess this month met all the requirements of a lovely lady.
She welcomed us to her beautiful home in Pumpkin Center where Better Homes and Gardens should take a closer look. Each room was tastefully furnished and the colorful fabrics told of her artistic talents.
Outside, the landscaping was just as eye-catching. Not a blade of grass where it wasn’t wanted.
It was obvious that someone was more than willing to go the extra mile at this homeplace.
Good food, good company and a good way to spend an evening. Lovely Ladies has been around for a while. They just don’t shout about whatthey do. Helping others is the reason for the existence.
We had a busy weekend. It couldn’t have been better. Going from a decorator’s dream home to the outdoors in a Lincoln County vineyard.
Some favorite young friends chose the winery as the place to say their vows on a Sunday afternoon. Nature provides the perfect setting for a wedding with the vineyard offering serene greenery as far as you can see.
The weather cooperated and the overhead fans kept the bees moving in the airy setting.
Being the matriarch of the groom’s family I was escorted to a choice seat near the front where we had a good view of the bridal couple and the wedding party.
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, the winery overflowing with family and friends made a good time for many people who enjoyed the day.
And adding to the beauty of the day was a grandmother’s gift. A wedding cake like no other I have ever seen. Anyone who can create such beauty from cake mix is not only a baker, she is an artist, a designer and avery remarkable woman.
It’s good to make new friends and join family on special occasions.
It’s a good way to spend an afternoon.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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