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Newspaper launches electronic edition


Times-News staff reports


The Lincoln Times-News will be now available in an electronic format, beginning with today’s edition.

The new “E-edition,” designed to be viewable on personal computers and tablet devices, is an electronic version of the entire physical paper, including the headlines, articles, photos, graphics, display advertisements, classifieds and public notices, exactly as they appear in print.

Publisher Jerry Leedy described the initiative as “part of our continuing effort to deliver news through all media — print or otherwise — and to make sure the local newspaper retains its institutional position in the community life.”

The new E-edition can be accessed from the newspaper’s website — www.
lincolntimesnews.com — or by using a service called Enotify that will email the E-edition to them.

During the first two weeks the service will be free, after which there will be a charge. In the near future, customers will be able to purchase issues from previous months through an online archive.

E-editions are designed with a number of helpful functions, including searches by keyword and navigation through a table of contents.

Customers can also share pages they enjoy through social media and print out hard copies.

The advent of E-editions is helping to ensure that newspapers are relevant in an increasingly digital world.

“The free flow of uncensored and unfettered information still depends on a free and independent press,” Leedy observed.

The E-editions will also be rapidly accessible to potential readers who may be traveling or living outside of the traditional print newspaper’s local distribution area.

Other publications where E-editions have been launched have found them to be very popular with college students and deployed military, among others.

However, they are also popular with the increasing number of Americans who enjoy getting their news electronically but still prefer the familiar comfort of a home-town newspaper over a website or broadcast.

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