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Local author to sign new book, suggesting French royal fled to N.C.



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A new book suggesting that the son of French monarchs Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, escaped the French Revolution and possibly fled to Lincoln County will be launched at a kick-off event, 3 to 5 p.m., Sunday, at the Cultural Center.

The story focuses around Crown Prince Louis who, author Stephen Payseur suggests, would later change his name to Daniel Payseur. According to the book, the prince was later given 600 acres of land in North Carolina.

The book addresses a variety of interpretations and rumors about these events.

The Book of Daniel

’s author, owner of Creekside Publishing that put out the story, is a distant descendant of the stories’ central character, which sparked his interest. Stories passed along through his family intrigued him to delve deeper into the story of the prince.

He set out to research his relative in hopes of deciphering what information is and isn’t true on the Internet.

Stephen Payseur was on the hunt to discover whether pirates, outlaws and other notables were among the group who might have helped the hero in his new book.

While putting his fifth story together, he studied various online sources and public records, and was able to see and obtain a photograph of his ancestor’s tomb stone.

He also may have stumbled upon evidence that could have disproved some of the rumors floating around his family and on the web.

Payseur has been authoring books since the late 1990s and writing recreationally for as long as he can remember, drawing inspiration from everyday events such as golf games with friends or history and unusual topics that don’t receive much attention.

Copies of the book are available at the Creekside Publishing office in Lincolnton, or on the company’s website,  www.cspubco.com.

The Book of Daniel

may also be available at local coffee shops over upcoming months.

Payseur is staying away from bookstores when looking for venues to offer his work, he said.

He will be available to chat with attendees and will have signed copies of his book on hand for purchase at this weekend’s event.


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