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Reader’s Forum — 7-6-12

Community showed support for veterans
During Wednesday’s Fourth of July parade we had another opportunity to salute World War II vets.
As occurred last year, the great town of Lincolnton and our proud citizens showed their appreciation of, and honor for, those true patriots who defended this nation in World War Two.
These aging gentlemen were treated to a show of thanks from thousands who lined the parade route.
From the first car carrying a vet to the last car, our citizens stood, saluted, and cheered for these gentlemen, and clearly showed their understanding that these vets are our true national treasure.
There was a special feeling of pride at several locations, when numerous youngsters stood to salute the vets and held up handwritten signs saying “Thank you, World War II vets.”
Time and nature will take their eventual toll and, all too soon, these vets will be honored only in our memories. The generous individuals who lent their convertibles, and the enthusiasm of those attending the parade, helped these members of “the greatest generation” form heartfelt memories that their lives and sacrifices were not, and will not, be forgotten.
The people of Lincolnton can be truly proud of this repeated display of their All-American spirit.
Tom Hawk,

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