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Must everything have a computer?

Guest columnist

The Lincoln Cultural Center is a good place be on a hot Sunday afternoon. And isn’t it wonderful that the most talented Lincoln County youth are willing to put that much effort into entertaining the rest of us.
The Lincoln Theatre Guild’s presentation of Grease took a lot of work along with the skills of quite a few others to put together this musical.
The “Grease Band” added a welcome boost to some great voices during the performance. The play ran for two weeks and the two Sundays gave older ones like me an opportunity to go to the center without stumbling around in the dark for an evening show. We attended the first Sunday performance.
Visiting with friends at the play and later in the afternoon at home made for a good day until a STORM hit. Loud cracks of thunder and many flashes of lightning. Popping inside too. Then no lights, no telephone, no television, no computer, no Kindle and no outside generator, which is supposed to come on when the lights go out.
Neighbors came to visit on the porch and we talked about how fortunate we are to have electricity and the problems we now have without it.
We are PO’ed. This expensive generator was supposed to provide power to run an oxygen line along with all the other household stuff.
We are fortunate to live in the city because usually the power is off only a short time. But there is no short time to be without oxygen when it is needed.
Luck was with us as several small portable oxygen tanks had been delivered before the weekend. And a small tank provided enough until power was restored.
Monday morning things were almost back to normal. But we needed a computer technician and a generator sales agent for some needed repair service.
There is no hurry-up repair service.
Calls to the generator sales agent brought news that someone from the installation department would call during the week. A call to the computer technician was a little better. He would come around noon Wednesday. I needed my computer badly.
How was I to keep up with all my friends on Facebook? I couldn’t read my fortune and the obituaries in all the area newspapers. I was getting tired of playing solitaire. But I had been to the library so I had some good reading on hand.
I read several of the library books before the Kindle and PC were up and going strong.
Everything fixed but the generator. It took much longer because its computer was out. Who knew it had one? I guess most everything does now.
Remember when one call soon brought a repairman to your house who could fix almost anything?
Forget it. That day is over.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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